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Feeling overwhelmed? Install an emotional reset button

Worried about money? Dance NYC just announced a Dance Relief Fund. New Music Solidarity Fund was also just created.Up and running since 2019 in Brooklyn is Soze Artist & Activist Relief Fund

Need some inspiration from artists working from home? Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra came together, from their individual bedrooms,  in their video titled From us, For you – gaining 1, 017, 126 views in 4 days.

This project combines the power of focus, with an understanding of energy. Waves in the ocean begin with a disturbance causing the water to move in a circular motion.  Consider the vast research done on brain waves as inspiration. 

Once a single man’s homage to the sea, Bell 8 has evolved from an installation film into an effort to galvanize the artistic and scientific community to create a wave so powerful as to  heal others in these difficult times. The inventor Preston Robinson designed the trigger for the atomic bomb. Together, scientists and artists, could we design a trigger for a balm?

^BAdrenaline.^b Polarized light micrograph of crystals of adrenaline (epinephrine). This is a hormone produced in the adrenal glands above the kidneys. Adrenaline is normally present in blood in small quantities. However, in times of stress large quantities are secreted into the blood- stream. Adrenaline widens the airways of the lungs, constricts small blood vessels and liberates sugar stored in the liver. This makes the muscles work harder and produce a “fight or flight” response. Adrenaline used as a drug expands the bronchioles in acute asthma attacks, or to stimulate the heart in cases of anaphylactic shock. Magnification: x17.5 at 6x7cm size. magnification: x30 at 4×5 inch size.

BELL 8 was initiated by Deirdre Towers who spent her childhood on small sailboats. After 18 years co-producing the Dance on Camera Festival with the Film at Lincoln Center, she realized her favorite dancer is still the sea.

Cinematographers Nan Melville  and Ted Ciesielski  shot the footage. She combined the voice of Rakel Terceno, the guitar of Paul Jared Newman,  sea sounds, and percussion by Rex Benincasa.  Celia Gregory  offered footage of her underwater sculptures which serve as coral reefs. Neurologist/artist Greg Dunn granted permission for his images of neurons. Christian Sardet offered images from his Plankton Chronicles project