While a cure, a vaccine, boosts to the economy will all help to restore a sense of stability, artists are infusing the world now with joy and hope, opening hearts to change. Activists who believe that collectively we can build a positive wave are popping up in all professions. So we’re in good company while we try to create an installation focused on creating a positive vibe.

Four years ago,  Lucija Stojevic produced with Deirdre Towers an award winning documentary about La Chana a gypsy dancer, a survivor of domestic violence with no formal education, who continued to experience moments of duende while confined to her house.  As the film was being made, La Chana made a come-back. Now in her early seventies, she was invited to perform at City Center in the Flamenco Festival 2020. She is the inspiration for this project.


LA CHANA, evokes the mysteries of rhythm, will, and suspense. La Chana dances a duet; she partners her soul, her inner light. She dances with total confidence in her instincts.

With her in mind, this project is activism on the most basic level – aiming to empower everyone, no matter what their age, race, education. We hope to create a wave that makes everyone hum

This Little Light of Mine I’m Gonna Let it Shine …

“We are aeolian harps endowed with the power to expose ourselves to the wind of the Spirit.”

Aldous Huxley’s The Perennial Philosophy