BREAD, A TALL TALE, created for and made possible in part by Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival premiered at the Rosendale Theatre August 6, 2023. This episodic, narrative film centers around hope and resilience was inspired by a gypsy folk tale and stars Juan Pedro Jimenez (above, photo by Darryl Padilla), Juan Paredes, and Olyda Ola “La Cubana.”

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NWD Projects as part of National Water Dance hosted Deirdre Towers in a residency August 23-29, 2020 in South Thomaston, Maine.

Bell 8 Global Water Dance Day 2017

The original installation was presented by:

Lilac Preservation Project  7/22-9/22/2017

Waterfront Museum  in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the month of 6/2017

Long Island City Arts Open 2016 – “Landscapes From Below” at W3

Multi-media versions were produced by Dixon Place and Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival