Bell 8 was originally designed to inspire the sense of expansion and bliss one can have afloat with an immersive installation using films of water as a dancer, as a meditative resource.

After 20 months of too many hours in front of screens, we are focusing on a music and dance procession in the woods that culminates at one of 2000 fire towers scattered around the country.

Participants involved with films created during covid included the following artist: choreographers/dancers Elizabeth Streb, Kyle Marshall, Zaki A’Jani Marshall, Andre Alabastro,  Sonia Franco  with Raul Beatmac, Frankie Lee Peterson, Dale Andree working with Miana Jun, and TK Circus; composers Joseph Schwantner, Aaron Jay Kernis, Paul Jared Newman; cinematographers Nan Melville and the man with a movie camera.

NWD Projects as part of National Water Dance hosted Deirdre Towers in a residency August 23-29, 2020 in South Thomaston, Maine.

Bell 8 Global Water Dance Day 2017

The original installation was presented by:

Lilac Preservation Project  7/22-9/22/2017

Waterfront Museum  in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the month of 6/2017

Long Island City Arts Open 2016 – “Landscapes From Below” at W3

Multi-media versions were produced by Dixon Place and Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival