painting by Deirdre Towers, 2023

Lucija Stojevic’s award winning documentary LA CHANA  returns to Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival for a FREE screening at Millbrook Library on Thursday August 1st, 2024 at 6pm.

PEPI FANDANGO, 2023 documentary produced by the same team led by Lucija Stojevic of Noon Films, received El Premio Panorama in Docs Valencia, and a Special Mention from the Malaga Film Festival jury for Best Direction.  Upcoming festivals include Crossing Europe, Docs Barcelona, and Boston Jewish Film Festival.

Deirdre is working with Noon Films to complete DANGEROUS JOURNEY, an interactive animation project which tells the stories of three children during WWII – a Sephardic Jewish boy from Vienna, a Roma girl from France, and a Spanish girl fleeing the civil war – based on research through testimonies, interviews, and archives. During these three animations, the viewers/users (ages 14+) will interact with prompts that are designed to challenge them to reflect on the Holocaust, anti-semitism, discrimination, and how the echoes of the past speak to our present, building a cross-national community of ambassadors for memory in the process.

BREAD, A Tall Tale was shown as part of BAAD!Ass Women’s Festival 2024 with Olyda Ola and Nellie Tirado singing, dancing live, in Bronx World Film Series 2024 at La Nacional, and with the Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival 2023 in Rosendale, NY.

Deirdre returns University of Houston to give two more dance film lectures September, 2024, at the invitation of Professor Gabriela Estrada who first invited her to speak to her class in February, 2024. She updated her 100 Years of Dance Films presentation, and her article Fast Forward commissioned for Envisioning Dance on Film and Video.

Deirdre has also been working with Ann Marie de Angelo on a film around her life as a dance pioneer combining ballet, hip hop and circus arts. D’Angelo was invited to remount her ballet “Paradise” for Mexico’s Ballet de Monterrey which she developed in 1990 as invited by the founder Yolando Santos de Hoyos. Performance is  scheduled for March, 2024.

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NWD Projects as part of National Water Dance hosted Deirdre Towers in a residency August 23-29, 2020 in South Thomaston, Maine.

Bell 8 Global Water Dance Day 2017

The original installation was presented by:

Lilac Preservation Project  7/22-9/22/2017

Waterfront Museum  in Red Hook, Brooklyn, the month of 6/2017

Long Island City Arts Open 2016 – “Landscapes From Below” at W3

Multi-media versions were produced by Dixon Place and Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival