How are you feeling in this weird time? Probably depends on the hour. Right?

Participate in Quark tango …
6′ Apart

A paid opportunity to join in creating a healing wave to appease Mother Nature!

If you had a minute to show your love to Mother Nature, what would you do?  Maybe acknowledge our abuse? Demonstrate the joy and peace she inspires? We are very curious what you would do.

Every style of dance & music, archived or new footage, animated or live action with clear dynamic shifts are welcomed. Short is best – 1-3 minutes. Several films can be submitted. And yes, tangos …6′ apart most welcomed.

Payment is made upon acceptance on a rolling basis. Accepted films will be included in a compilation film that explores the improbable? notion of making a tsunami of positive energy.


If you are filming with an iphone, please hold the iphone on a horizontal angle. Tips.  Deadline to submit your film or confirm your intention to film: June 30, 2020 Sponsored in part by The Dance Enthusiast and initiated in part by the Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival.

For further information and intention to participate, please contact: