BELL 8 was initiated by Deirdre Towers after a sound healing session with the late Catalan singer Rakel Terceno. Towers, who produced LA CHANA, a documentary that won 4 Audience Awards in Netherlands, Hungary, Italy, and Spain, won the Premio Feroz, and Gaudi Awards (documentary category) and was nominated for the 2017 European Film Awards,  grew up with a father who preferred to be on water, rather than land. Her childhood was spent on a succession of small sailboats, in every form of weather, gazing at the waves slapping against the hull. After 18 years co-producing the Dance on Camera Festival with the Film Society of Lincoln Center, Deirdre realized her favorite dancer is still the sea.

She discovered her dancers Josh Eguia and Ainesh Madan this fall. Both are as different as air and water, equally imaginative and gifted.

She collaborated with long-time friends, cinematographers Nan Melville (South African)and Ted Ciesielski (Polish) on the filming. For the score, she combined the voice of Rakel, the guitar of Paul Jared Newman, sounds of the sea, and percussion by Rex Benincasa. British sculptor Celia Gregory  offered footage of her underwater sculptures, which serve as artificial coral reefs. Neurologist Greg Dunn granted permission for his images of neurons. Christian Sardet offered images from his Plankton Chronicles project

Who is this project for? Everyone!  Manoush Zomorodi’s book title  ‘Bored and Brilliant: The Lost Art of Spacing Out’ says it all. How many people today do nothing but stare at the sea?  Dare to do nothing and let nature work its miracles!

Photo by Nan Melville
Deirdre Towers & Jared Newman dancing on the houseboat of Dan & Kerrie Bates in Plum Island Sound where the peaceful morning and marsh shots were taken.