Being at sea, one adjusts to the mood of the wind and the waves. You gradually mirror the mood of the sea.

Reading Stephon Alexander’s The Jazz of Physics makes one dream about the look of a cosmic dance, just as John Coltrane composed Cosmic Music. Imagine an edited sea of waves, vibrations,  that swings between outer and inner realities, heights and troughs of purity and inspiration, positive and negative moods.

Everyone responds to the ocean, and unfortunately,  as we have perversely ignored the warnings,  the ocean has responded to us – the seas are rising, warming, and fish and corals are dying. Perhaps we would all take more responsibility if we recognized the sea within. Inventor Ray Kurzweil says in Wallace J. Nichol’s “Blue Mind” that the reason why he loves the ocean is that “It’s a metaphor for how the brain is organized.”

Photos by Nan Melville


What if we designed a meditation room that slowly changes to reflect your mental/emotional state and translates that into wave lengths, dots. A collaboration with computer programmer and a physicist or a neurologist could probably produce this notion.

Ray Bradbury’s story The Veldt is the seed for this idea. An ambition is to take the footage of BELL 8 and offer a duet of inner and outer reality.