BELL 8 is a meditative installation created by Deirdre Towers named after the navigational buoy in Long Island Sound, near the mouth of the Connecticut River. Designed to inspire the sense of expansion and bliss one has afloat, this immersive experience helps you to release your impulse for control, and embrace change. A 21′ projection, on one to three surfaces, BELL 8  is a love song to nature, a visual massage. See a sample

bell 8photo by Nan Melville

In process now is the creation of a labyrinthian, multi-media installation involving live music and dance choreographed in emotional waves, projections of the sea on sails and those altered by the Danish artist Grethe Wittrock, 

Artist Grethe Witthrocke’s work in her Northeast Washington Studio.
© Susana Raab 2015