BELL 8 is a meditative, immersive installation named after the navigational buoy in Long Island Sound, near the mouth of the Connecticut River. This sea ‘scape attempts to inspire the sense of expansion and bliss one has afloat, while exploring our own complicated relationship with water. BELL 8 offers a chance to flip mental, spiritual gears, to re-charge, and sail off, safely, into the unknown.

BELL 8 offers a looped projection entwining the views from the bow, the stern, and from within;  a neutral gaze, with left and right brain impressions of the sea. See vimeo clip. A dream acknowledges our collective sorrow over the damage we’ve done to the sea and our attempts to correct our wrongs. The right brain plays off the sea within our bodies.

At the center of this sensory experience is fog. Being rocked  with zero visibility idles the mind. As you surrender to the continual shifts at sea, you release your impulse for control, and embrace change.

bell 8

photo by Nan Melville